About Our Blog

Our new blog is built on WordPress. We will be adding content and capabilities over time.


We welcome comments on our blog posts, but if you are not a registered user, making comments is a bit of a hassle: you have to supply your email address for each post, and all comments are moderated, meaning that we have to approve them and so there is a delay before they will appear.

Registering as a User

To make all that easier, you can become a registered user. Just send us an email, letting us know that you would like to register, and proposing your username. Assuming we like you and trust you :), we’ll add you as a user. Then you can make comments easily and immediately.

Finding Posts

There are a variety of ways to find posts. On the Home page, you will see the most recent posts. On almost every page, you will see the Archives section on the left, which organizes all posts by year and month; on the right, you’ll see the Categories section, which lets you find all posts associated with a particular category. And you can always use the Search feature on the left side to find all posts that contain any word or phrase.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments about this site, or would like to be added as a user, please send email to webmaster@brown8.org.