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Aubrey Jane Sudweeks Joins the Family!

November 30th 2017, Aubrey Jane Sudweeks came into the world and into our family! She was born just before 7:00 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. Tess had a difficult time and Aubrey ended up being born by Cesarean Section, but everyone is doing great now and basically the challenge seems to be getting Aubrey to sleep at night instead of during the day! Tess and Trevor are thrilled to begin their family with this sweet baby girl. As the lucky Grandma, I got to spend 10 days in sunny warm AZ helping the kids and of course cuddling with Aubrey!

Dr. Loren Brown

This weekend, Loren graduated with his PhD in Psychology from BYU. He finished his internship at Notre Dame this past July and now still needs to become licensed to work in Utah which involves many supervised hours of counseling as well as taking just one more test — which only costs $600 to take! He will begin counseling in September with Dr. Gentry in Pleasant Grove. They have already put his name on the door! Congrats, Dr. Loren Brown! Congrats to Anne too — no one does this by themselves — it takes a lot of spouse and family sacrifice.


The wedding day finally comes…

Tess and Trevor are an eternal family! We celebrated with a beautiful reception the night before the wedding at the Carmelle Reception Center. We appreciate how many friends and family came to congratulate them. The wedding was the next afternoon (July 18) in the Bountiful Temple. Everything went great — even the weather was perfect. The Sudweeks hosted a delicious dinner in their back yard afterwards. It was such a lovely day and we all feel so blessed.




Clark graduates from Waterford School

After 24 years of attending The Waterford School, our chapter comes to a close as Clark becomes our 6th and final graduate. Coincidentally, Nancy Heuston, the founder and head of school, is retiring this year. We feel fortunate to finish our Waterford experience along with her. It has been a privilege to know and love so many teachers and staff that have had such a great influence on us and all of our children.