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Oregon Beach Vacation

Where is the best place to spend a few days resting and enjoying family after the busyness that comes from two weddings? A house on the beach of course! This time we tried Lincoln City. We just love the Oregon Coast — the whole thing is beautiful!

We flew kites, made sand castles, discovered tide pools, enjoyed good meals, naps, games and lots of stories. The beach is a great spot to bring the generations together!

Pullman Washington

Loren has taken a job with Counseling and Psychology Services at Washington State University. So Loren, Anne, Kenyon and Emmy have moved to Pullman, Washington! While we miss having them around to read to, hug and kiss whenever we want to, we know that this is a good move for them. I do however need to have “visual” on each of my children so that I can picture them in their lives. So, over Halloween weekend, Alan and I drove up to visit. It was fun to see their “new” oldish house, the park they always play at, Loren’s office, their church, and the Farmer’s Market. We had a great couple of days celebrating Halloween with them. Kenyon loved wearing the Cat in the Hat costume that both Elliot and Clark wore when they were his age. Emmeline was Eeyore and adorable. Of course.

New Hampshire in the fall

My good friend and college roommate, Melora, lives in Bedford, New Hampshire. Fall is a great time to visit! The colors were turning and we had great weather . We spent four days driving to the coast, checking out lighthouses, hiking and kayaking. We also saw the longest covered bridge in the U.S. and took a tour of Saint-Gaudens. Oh, and some shopping, movie watching and eating pumpkin spice yogurt-covered pretzels. Yeah, pretty sure I ate half the bag by myself.


Road Trip!

The fact is, Mt. Rushmore is not actually on the way to anywhere. So, since I’ve always wanted to see it, we decided we would just drive there and see it. It was way cooler than I even thought it was going to be! So worth the drive! Did you know there is a Woolly Mammoth Dig Site close to Rushmore? Then, on “the way home” we stayed north and visited Yellowstone National Park. Did you know they have their own Grand Canyon — with two amazing waterfalls? Oh, and “Old Faithful” was cool too. 😉


Family Staycation

Well, since almost everyone lives out of state, we decided it would be fun to have everyone come home for a family vacation this year! We started with a 4th of July extended Morgan Family Reunion and then spent the rest of the week having a great time together. Madeleine was our photographer / videographer and after taking about a million videos, she put together this great documentary of our week…enjoy!


Last year when our good friends Steve and Marla Lundgren were asked to serve a mission working at BYU-Hawaii, the four of us starting planning our visit to see them. My spring break from tutoring happened to coincide with BYU-H’s spring break and the result was a wonderful week filled with fabulous weather, good food, BYU Men’s Volleyball game, sightseeing, hiking, snorkeling, whale watching, and of course game playing every night!


Tess & Trevor in Arizona!

Alan and I got to spend this past weekend with Tess and Trevor! We were excited to go check out their “newly” wed life in Arizona. Of course we waited until it cooled down a bit. 😉 We had fun visiting the Midwestern University campus where Trevor is attending medical school and seeing Tess at work at the optometrist office. Friday night we watched the BYU football game late into the wee hours of the morning. Saturday we participated in a sealing session at the beautiful new Phoenix Temple and then hit a few golf balls (some of us better than others) at a cool driving range. Sunday was their regional conference which was excellent and we finished the day with dinner and games. It was great to see their life so that we can picture them living it when we talk with them. Definitely something my “mommy heart” was needing!



New Hampshire

Because I have a husband who really loves me, I left him on his own for 5 days and went to New Hampshire to play with my college friend, Melora. Coincidentally her husband was out of town and so we played! We drove down to Rockport MA, which is on Cape Ann. It was a gorgeous day and we had such a good time browsing the shops, sharing fish and chips and taking pictures of the famous fishing shack named Motif #1 that apparently is one of the top 10 photographed spots in New England.

If you have seen the movie “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock then you might remember that it was supposed to be taking place in Alaska. Well, the cute town that you see in the movie (including the amazingly cool house where the weekend / wedding takes place) is really Rockport MA. The red fishing shack behind us is where she awkwardly climbs down the ladder in her suit and heels to the waiting motorboat.

Melora also took me kayaking for my first time around Lake Massabesic. That’s right, we loaded and unloaded those babies all by ourselves! Sunday night we enjoyed the super blood red moon in her backyard — we had a great view!


Monterey Get-a-way

After a crazy busy summer, Alan and I were able to get away for a few days to Monterey, California. We rented the greatest studio apartment complete with private patio, Jacuzzi, bikes, and passes to the aquarium. It was so great to relax, walk on the beach, sit in the Jacuzzi, take the 17 Mile Drive along Pebble Beach, enjoy the jellyfish exhibit, eat seafood, ride bikes and tour the Point Pino lighthouse. You should try it…you’ll like it!



Florida with the Collettes

Lucky us, during spring break, we met our New Hampshire friends in Florida and spent a fun week right on a beautiful beach near St. Petersburg. Our condo was spacious with an ocean view and every day except for one was sunny. We took lots of walks on the beach, sat by the pool, soaked in the hot tub, ate too much and too often, and played a few rounds of Canasta. One of the days we decided to take a day trip into Orlando to check out Universal Studios and the new Harry Potter World. Expensive…but fun! We even tried butter beer 🙂


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