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Easter & Conference

Just a few pics of the kiddos in their new Easter outfits – complete with sunglasses! This year Alan’s parents invited us to Easter dinner at their house. I was thrilled since I had to speak in sacrament meeting that morning!

The next weekend was General Conference and the kids came and had a sleepover at our house. Totally fun to have a houseful after so much quiet. In keeping with tradition (meaning we did it with Kenyon), we gave Emmy a bath in the kitchen sink. She loved it!


Christmas 2014

Another great Christmas for the Brown Family! Oh, except that I started feeling sick in the middle of the night and spent Christmas morning lying down on the couch not eating anything…go figure. Luckily no one else got sick! Phillip, Loren, Anne and Kenyon all flew in to spend 2 weeks with us. So fun to have a little kid for Christmas – of course he loved opening presents! The best part of the day was visiting with Elliot in Peru. So fun to see and talk to him! Thanks to Madeleine for all the photos!



Last “First Day of School”

This is Clark’s last “First Day of School” picture as he begins his Senior year of High School. I was telling him the other day that everything he does now is going to the be for the “last” time for me. He was quick to remind me that everything he’s done his whole life has been for the “last” time for me. True. Happy sad times all rolled into one.

IMG_20140902_063043 - Copy

Kenyon Cuteness

So Kenyon and family have been living with us since February and will be with us until July. His dad has an internship at Notre Dame this Fall for a year, and their townhouse in Provo sold, so we get the fun of having Kenyon wake up every morning at our house asking for Gama and Papa…oh, and sometimes, pancakes! He is learning to talk and is a little parrot as he tries to copy everything we say.