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Morgan family hits Jackson Hole, WY

Very spontaneously, we decided to drive up to Jackson Hole for the 4th of July weekend with four of my siblings and their families. We all got rooms close to each other and had a great time running the river, watching the parade, enjoying (BBQ program), and watching fireworks! In the picture below, I’m in the corner wearing the brown hat and Alan is in directly in front of me. Our family filled up 2 boats! My dad would be so proud of all of us…he loved river running!



Happy New Year!

As per our New Year’s Eve tradition, we enjoyed gathering around 3 fondue pots.  Our three favorites are: cheese, meat and chocolate.  Because we ate too much (as per tradition) and all went into what Madeleine calls a “food coma”, some of us had a hard time staying up till midnight!  A few of us did see the New Year in and I personally am looking forward to 2012…I feel in my heart that it will be a good year for our family.

Merry Christmas…

It always surprises me that Christmas actually comes…I guess just because we talk about it so far in advance!  As always, our family had a really nice Christmas.  Actually every year we have 2 Christmas Days…one with Alan’s parents the Saturday before and then of course Christmas Day at our house.

This year I particularly enjoyed having our house decorated. It seemed especially cozy…I think we had the fire burning morning and night (pretty easy when all you have to do is flip the switch!)