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Aubrey Jane Sudweeks Joins the Family!

November 30th 2017, Aubrey Jane Sudweeks came into the world and into our family! She was born just before 7:00 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. Tess had a difficult time and Aubrey ended up being born by Cesarean Section, but everyone is doing great now and basically the challenge seems to be getting Aubrey to sleep at night instead of during the day! Tess and Trevor are thrilled to begin their family with this sweet baby girl. As the lucky Grandma, I got to spend 10 days in sunny warm AZ helping the kids and of course cuddling with Aubrey!

Tess & Trevor in Arizona!

Alan and I got to spend this past weekend with Tess and Trevor! We were excited to go check out their “newly” wed life in Arizona. Of course we waited until it cooled down a bit. 😉 We had fun visiting the Midwestern University campus where Trevor is attending medical school and seeing Tess at work at the optometrist office. Friday night we watched the BYU football game late into the wee hours of the morning. Saturday we participated in a sealing session at the beautiful new Phoenix Temple and then hit a few golf balls (some of us better than others) at a cool driving range. Sunday was their regional conference which was excellent and we finished the day with dinner and games. It was great to see their life so that we can picture them living it when we talk with them. Definitely something my “mommy heart” was needing!



The wedding day finally comes…

Tess and Trevor are an eternal family! We celebrated with a beautiful reception the night before the wedding at the Carmelle Reception Center. We appreciate how many friends and family came to congratulate them. The wedding was the next afternoon (July 18) in the Bountiful Temple. Everything went great — even the weather was perfect. The Sudweeks hosted a delicious dinner in their back yard afterwards. It was such a lovely day and we all feel so blessed.




Tess is engaged!

Tess is officially engaged to Trevor Sudweeks! He “surprised” her with a ring last night and she hasn’t quit smiling since. They are perfect for each other and fit into each other’s families so well. Many people have even suggested that Trevor looks a bit like Elliot. He’s a great guy and we are so happy that they have found each other! The credit for pictures goes to Trevor’s mom, Bev, who was hanging out in the bushes with her camera!


The last of the birthdays…

Memorial Day weekend always brings birthday celebrations. Loren and Phillip turned 28 on May 28th and Tess turned 25 on June 3rd. Phillip flew in from Oregon to spend the weekend with us. It was a great weekend…Elliot gave his missionary talk in sacrament meeting (all the family came over afterwards), we celebrated Memorial Day and three birthdays! It was definitely a weekend full of family. My mother passed away on Memorial Day 16 years ago. I so wish my parents could be here sharing all these great times with us…I’m sure they are more a part of our lives than we realize. I’m sure they are watching over us all!

Arizona Trip

Tess and I spent a fun weekend in Arizona! We are both big Alfie Boe fans and when we found out that he was giving a concert in Phoenix, we decided to use our frequent flier miles to fly down to the concert and spend a few days with my sister Melinda and her family. If you don’t know who Alfie is, he was Jean Valjean in the 25th Anniversary cast of Les MisĂ©rables. Check it out here. Just before we left for Arizona, the Church announced that he would be the guest artist singing with the Tabernacle Choir in their Christmas concert this year. We are crossing our fingers that we can get tickets!

Another car joins the Brown Family…

So Tess needed a car to get the job and a job to get the car.  She got both this week! Actually she got two jobs.  She will teach 1st grade at Canyon View Elementary (across the street from Brighton High School) starting in August. In the meantime, she got a job at a daycare/preschool for the VA at the University of Utah. For the time being she is living at home which is fun for us!