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Pullman Washington

Loren has taken a job with Counseling and Psychology Services at Washington State University. So Loren, Anne, Kenyon and Emmy have moved to Pullman, Washington! While we miss having them around to read to, hug and kiss whenever we want to, we know that this is a good move for them. I do however need to have “visual” on each of my children so that I can picture them in their lives. So, over Halloween weekend, Alan and I drove up to visit. It was fun to see their “new” oldish house, the park they always play at, Loren’s office, their church, and the Farmer’s Market. We had a great couple of days celebrating Halloween with them. Kenyon loved wearing the Cat in the Hat costume that both Elliot and Clark wore when they were his age. Emmeline was Eeyore and adorable. Of course.

Easter & Conference

Just a few pics of the kiddos in their new Easter outfits – complete with sunglasses! This year Alan’s parents invited us to Easter dinner at their house. I was thrilled since I had to speak in sacrament meeting that morning!

The next weekend was General Conference and the kids came and had a sleepover at our house. Totally fun to have a houseful after so much quiet. In keeping with tradition (meaning we did it with Kenyon), we gave Emmy a bath in the kitchen sink. She loved it!


Dr. Loren Brown

This weekend, Loren graduated with his PhD in Psychology from BYU. He finished his internship at Notre Dame this past July and now still needs to become licensed to work in Utah which involves many supervised hours of counseling as well as taking just one more test — which only costs $600 to take! He will begin counseling in September with Dr. Gentry in Pleasant Grove. They have already put his name on the door! Congrats, Dr. Loren Brown! Congrats to Anne too — no one does this by themselves — it takes a lot of spouse and family sacrifice.


Our first granddaughter is here!

Today Anne gave birth to our second grandchild and first granddaughter, Emmeline Anne Brown was born. She weighs 7 lbs. 12 oz. and has dark hair. Big brother Kenyon is very excited — although in fact probably more excited to have his Nana sleeping over in his bedroom every night! Hope the kids sleep a lot, so the adults can get a nap here and there too! We wish we could be there, but are grateful for technology that helps us feel like we are almost there.



Christmas with Kenyon

We loved having our 2-year-old grandson Kenyon with us for two weeks. Before he came, I pulled out and washed our small wooden kitchen with all the plastic food and dishes and the McDonalds for him to play with. He loved it all – especially the wooden fruits and vegetables I bought for him to practice cutting up! It was amazing to me how long he would play by doing the same things over and over and over again.


Halloween Fun

This year we had the missionaries for dinner Halloween night. I wondered if they would be up for the traditional hot dog mummies, but I think it might just have been a refreshing change from the expected lasagna! 🙂 Of course we missed having Kenyon here, but the girls came over for dinner and Clark did his pumpkin magic.

My little fireman in his Wellington boots!